About us

SFUW was incepted in the year 2004 when a group of volunteers decided together to address the need of society. Society for Universal Welfare is an NGO for People in India. In the span of seven years the organization could establish its presence in the different places in INDIA especially in Rajasthan. The Circumstances necessitate pausing and reflecting upon what we are doing and how we are coping with all that is happening around us in the practice that organization has adopted.

At the onset initiatives were focused on the immediate requirements related to Development Work, Employment Generation, Education, Health Care, Combating HIV/AIDS Malaria and Other Disease, Women Empowerment, Vocational Training Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Animal Welfare & Human and Child Welfare, Consumer Awareness, Research and Development Activities, Conducting Surveys, Scientific and Industrial Research, Legal Aid, Contribution to the Implementation of the Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Resource Mobilization, Human Security, Reduction of Poverty, Gender Equality, Conservation of Forest, Energy, Drug Abuse, Climate Change, Prevention of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Implementation and Promotion of The International Agreed Goals etc. Gradually it was realized that for holistic development of the society it is important to adopt integrated approach with multipronged strategies. Formation and promotion of peoples’ institutions, augmentation of resources base for the marginalized section of society and ensuring community's reach to the basic services are different strategies that were adopted for taking the mission ahead.

The organization believes that our vision should be expansive and we should develop our capacities of understanding the complex world and articulate the situation in a way that all the stakeholders’ involvement is ensured in development.

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