Core Values


SFUW is accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the community it serves, and also to its funding agencies, the government, staff and volunteers, members, partner organizations and the public at large.


SFUW have a shared responsibility to address the serious challenges confronting humanity. The organization believes in interreligious, intercaste, antiracism development of the society at Large & Protest the discrimination in the community encouraged on the basis of caste, creed or religion and defies the disparity based on these factors. The organization challenge the system of snatching the opportunity form the eligible and deserving candidate exclusively on the basis of casteism. Significant progress toward world peace and global well-being can be fostered through inter-religious, intercultural, and interracial work, and across artificial barriers of politics, race, and ethnicity that tend to separate people and their institutions. SFUW maintain ethical, cooperative relationships with other NGOs, and partner where possible and appropriate for the sake of the greater public good. SFUW is willing to work beyond these borders, within the limits of its organizing documents and with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives.


To maintain SFUW’s integrity as an NGO, the organization is organized and operated as a not-for-profit organization with any surplus generated through its operations are utilized solely to help the organization fulfill its mission and objectives. The organization is not being operated for the primary purpose of carrying on a trade or business, unrelated to the mission and stated objectives.


SFUW is entrusted with a responsibility to the public to take capture task at hand taking the initiative and proactively pulling together resources of all types in order to find and implement feasible solutions.


SFUW is truthful in its dealings with its donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organizations, government, and the general public. Any information given out is accurate, whether regarding itself and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization, project, or legislation it opposes or is discussing. SFUW strongly opposed to, and not a willing partner to, corruption, bribery, and other financial improprieties or illegalities.


SFUW is transparent in its dealings with the government, the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries and other interested parties except for personal matters and proprietary information. Except as needed to protect human rights, SFUW basic financial information, governance structure, activities and listing of officers and partnerships is open and accessible to public scrutiny and SFUW is to make effort to inform the public about its work and the origin and use of its resources.