Our Action Area


Having access to healthcare facilities is a basic expectation for any society. Various diseases prevention methods can help reduce overall costs for healthcare. SFUW supports various activities that provide health care facilities in village & remote areas, where people can't afford to go to private hospitals. Time to time SFUW organizes health camps as per need assessment & availability of recourses. The activities related to health include RCH, Family Planning, Free Health Checkup Camps, Pulse Polio Camps, AIDS Awareness and Drug De-addiction.

Prevailing poor health status of the community and circumstances in accessibility to health services were the main focus behind starting health focused interventions. The main object of the health related activities is to generate awareness on different aspects of health among community and to ensure services in reach the community.

Women Empowerment:

Women are one of the most vulnerable groups of society. They are the worst victims of kind of crimes. In the absences of legal awareness it almost becomes impossible for them to seek justice for themselves. Empowering women with the knowledge of legal system and laws for them to protect from all kind of injustice has been primary activity for the society. SFUW work on the concept of linkage of women to livelihood activities because as they will become financially strong then most of the problems they are facing will be minimized automatically. SFUW has organized various camps focusing on legal awareness and information flow about income generation opportunities.

Vocational Training and Income Generation Programmes:

SFUW’s main action area is vocational training & income generation programmes where the activities are being carried out as per the strategy formulated where first step is to make aware target group about scope & opportunities in respective trade areas, govt. schemes and programmes, skill identification and then organization of training programmes.

Apart from the unemployment problems today youth is facing socio logical problems especially rural area as they are treated as neglected & unwanted. This is due to the fact that as a result of unemployment they are not only looked down upon by the society but also they are looked down by their family members. This is more common on in the rural areas as there is a severe lack of employment opportunity. Thus there is a urgent need for taping the huge potential of valuable human recourses by enhancing their skill level to create career opportunity as well as to felt them that they are part of the society & their contribution is necessary towards a healthier society.

SFUW prioritize to become youth & women self employed, it not only creates employment opportunity for women but it also prevents urban and seasonal migrant. Women & youth are trained for starting their own work and they are trained on vocational works like beautician, sewing, making soft toys, screen printing & carpentry work.

Agriculture & Farming Development Programme:

SFUW’s has been always encouraging the farmers to adopt organic concept in farming through various training & awareness programmes. Beside awareness programme on organic farming SFUW also organize workshops on water management in agriculture. SFUW believes that sustainability and maximum use of water resources can be achieved through proper management of water resources. Under this programme the SFUW has taken a step ahead in terms of awareness generation activities for farmers. In these activities farmers have been trained on the modern techniques of agriculture and have been motivated to adopt water management technique to improve the quality of agriculture produces through effective management of natural resources. Positive results have been seen as various farmers have adopted new techniques of water management in agriculture and also motivating other farmers to use these techniques in their farms.

SFUW also organizes workshops on new trends & technology in agriculture, where farmers are given information about new technology, their benefits of use & linkage with govt. schemes.

Environment Promotion Programme:

Due to increase in population and set up of heavy industry we are now facing environmental problems, taking these serious problems SFUW has started to work for promotion of environmental protection activities. For this SFUW organizes workshops for awareness & setup the eco-clubs in schools. In these clubs members are working for the cause of environment protection programmes.

Youth & Adolescent Development Programmes:

SFUW’s youth & adolescent development programme aims to motivate youth to get involved in rural development activities and to adopt this as profession. This process intends to enrich their attitude, skills & knowledge along with developmental activities along with their personality development. SFUW have been trained number of youth for civil defense, community development etc. through our efforts we have been motivating youth to participate in developmental activities voluntarily.

Animal Welfare Programmes:

SFUW’s main objective for this programme to improve the livestock health status as if animal is healthy then the society is healthier. In camps farmers and rural people are given information about the different diseases of animals & their treatments. As well as they are given information on breed improvement techniques, importance of nutrition fodder to animals. Animal health camps are also organized by the SFUW where veterinary doctors were invited for checkup and diagnosis of animals.

Educational Developmental Programmes:

SFUW’s main aim behind this programme is to provide elementary education to everyone. Though many of Govt. Schemes have been launched to support literacy campaign but still there Govt. needs the support of various developmental organizations to implement these activities at ground level so that the main objective of educating everyone can be achieved.

As many of rural children in rural & slum area are not attending the school for education due to one or various reasons thus SFUW is working with educational institutes to provide holistic education to children from poor economic background. SFUW is also conducting non-formal education activities to improve the reading & writing skills for those rural & slum children who are not in position to attend any formal school. SFUW’s main aim is to grow child in to responsible adult, to encourage them becoming independent & to attend school regularly for their bright future. SFUW believes that the education is root of sustainable development & is essential component for sustainable growth. In purist of its goal of just & equitable society, SFUW has accorded prime importance to education at basic level. It provides & facilitates quality education by joyful, experiential and child centric means to children while giving focus on human values, Indian culture and holistic development of children. SFUW has also established education centers where children are provided study material free of cost. National festivals like Independence Day, republic day are also celebrated at these centers.

Protection of Child Rights & Developmental Programmes for Child Labour:

In spite the provisions made time to time in INDIAN constitution for the rights of children, we still face the cruelty against children. So the SFUW is involved in sensitizing people towards this aspect and helping these children to enjoy the childhood and to get basic education. We identify domestic child labour, child prostitution, child trafficking and children working in factories and dhabas. These children have been recommended to various rehabilitation centers and asylum for further studies and vocational programmes. SFUW also conducted various workshops on "Child Rights-Human Rights" in rural areas.

Welfare Activities for Person with Disability:

SFUW also started to work for the welfare activities for persons with disability in the year 2010, where counseling activities done for these persons and guidance is provided to get benefited under various schemes for medical assistance & rehabilitation schemes. SFUW also help these persons to prepare their various certificates form govt. departments. Two skill identification programmes also organized by the SFUW, after the programmes proposals are now being prepared by team of experts to organize the training programmes. SFUW is also looking to establish rehabilitation centre for the persons with disabilities.